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Introduction and Snippet of The Wagnerian Assignment

As promised, I have written a small introduction to The Wagnerian Assignment.

In March 1945, SS Standartenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny was given his last order. Set up a National Redoubt around the Obersalzburg region of Berchtesgaden and the Berghof to protect his Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, from the outside world that will want to put him on trial for crimes against humanity.

I hope you enjoy this small snippet from the book.

The passing of each tortured second ticks slowly toward the inevitable destruction of the self-proclaimed German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Third Reich. Twelve years into what the Nazis had proclaimed would last a thousand, and a mere twenty six since the founding of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, the Red Armies of Marshal Georgy Zhukov’s 1st Belarusian front and Marshal Ivan Konev’s 1st Ukrainian front, bear down on Berlin in the fight for the tributes of being the first to conquer the once imposing German capital.

Now these are just a small peak inside The Wagnerian Assignment and again at a later date I will be releasing larger more in depth looks into the book as well as Character BIO’s so you can understand the back story around the characters.

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