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Kindle Countdown Easter Sale – The Wagnerian Assignment

Good Morning Readers,

We would like to announce that we are having a Kindle Countdown Easter Weekend Sale for The Wagnerian Assignment, see below for the details:

Original Price: £2.49 or $2.99

Start: Friday 14th April at 01:00AM (GMT & PST)

Start Price: £0.99 or $0.99

Changes: Sunday April 16th at 12:00AM (GMT & PST)

Change Price: £1.99 or $1.99

Finish: Monday 17th April at 11PM (GMT & PST)

So don’t miss out and grab your Kindle Countdown deal at the cheapest price of £0.99 or $0.99!

US: The Wagnerian Assignment Kindle
UK: The Wagnerian Assignment Kindle

We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, and even better at that discount!

Thank you,

Straightfaced Publications

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Kindle and Paperback

The Wagnerian Assignment

TAGLINE: Two war heroes and adversaries join forces to help Hitler escape, albeit for different reasons.

SHORT: Take an adventure through the pages of The Wagnerian Assignment, a true to life account of Adolf Hitler’s escape from Berlin. Did he die in the Führerbunker or did he escape? Staying true to History The Wagnerian Assignment follows SS Standartenführer Otto Skorzeny’s last true mission, did he succeed? did he fail? or did the allies help?

BLURB: The Wagnerian Assignment is the true life last mission given to Adolf Hitler’s chief of special troops, SS Standartenführer Otto Skorzeny. He was ordered to the Obersalzberg in March 1945 to set up a national redoubt around his Führer’s mountain retreat in order to protect him against the advancing allies who were baying for his blood.

History has Adolf Hitler dying in the Führerbunker on 30th April 1945, or did he manage to evade justice? The Wagnerian Assignment gives an account of his escape from Berlin that stays true to history.

Where to buy and Pricing?

£2.49 for Kindle
£7.99 for Paperback
$2.99 for Kindle
Paperback dependant on exchange.

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Paperback
Straightfaced Publications Paperback

Paperback Details

  • Title: The Wagnerian Assignment
  • Edition: Second
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Length: 283 Pages
  • Size: 148 x 210
  • Publisher: Straightfaced Publications
  • ISBN: 9780957013568

Kindle Details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 2093 KB
  • Print Length: 243 pages
  • Publisher: Straightfaced Publications; 2 edition (25 Feb. 2017)
  • Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B06W2H2PZJ


Straightfaced Publications

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Great Release!

Good Morning,

Well firstly I want to thank each and everyone that has purchased the book or even got it through Kindle Unlimited, thank you all!

This is the first Blog Post in a little while, and basically it was just to say thank you. We are going to be announcing some exciting competitions that we are going to run in the next few weeks to try and draw more people who love reading into Straightfaced Publications! We don’t want anyone to miss out on what we have and are going to have to offer to all readers worldwide.

However if you haven’t already, head over to our Amazon Page to peek Inside the book:

The Wagnerian Assignment Kindle

Also don’t forget that you can pick up a Paperback copy by messaging us direct on Facebook or click on Shop above.

All paperback purchases come with a free bookmark!

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Early release preview

Good Afternoon Everyone,

With the ever approaching release of the book coming very soon, I thought it would be a good time to release a decent portion of the book for your reading pleasure.

I have attached a 10% preview of the book, likely to what you would have when the book goes live with Amazon Kindle.

The Wagnerian Assignment – Sample

Please feel free to leave a comment, and if interested in purchasing you can get the Paperback from us direct or Amazon on release date and the eBook from Amazon on Pre-Order.



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The Wagnerian Assignment – Georgi Lischinsky Bio

Good Evening readers, little bit of a late one, been working away and looking forward to whats to come! See below for our next Bio.

Bombastic and arrogant, General-Polkovnik Georgi Lischinsky is the cliché of the western world’s interpretation of a Red Army Staff officer. He shows little concern for the men he commands, who have in their thousands been mown down and killed in order that ground may be taken and the enemy beaten. Hated by his men, who see him as a monster and butcher, his rapid rise through the rankings is due to the courage and spilling of the blood of the men of the Red Army who had no choice but to follow his every order as it is better to take their chance against the Germans than the execution squads of the NKVD, who follow their advance and would kill them without trial or concern for desertion and cowardice in the face of the enemy in order to set an example to any other would be deserters.

Hope you enjoy the read, and have a good nights sleep pondering The Wagnerian Assignment.

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Fernando De Sancha Bio

Good Evening, sorry of the lack of Bio releases. We have been focussing on the Competition currently live on Facebook.

However I have another release for you now which I do hope you enjoy.

A rotund, heavily moustached, dishevelled jovial man, Capitan General Fernando De Sancha is a veteran of many battlefields, spanning the Spanish civil war to the cold Steppes of Russia. Born in Cueta, on the coast of the straits of Gibraltar in the Spanish protectorate of Morocco in 1900, his family history stretches back to the days of the Conquistadors and had always been a one of the ruling classes. His late father, also a General, had been commander of a prison camp in Morocco that detained Arab insurgents who were against the Spanish occupation of their homeland. He joined the Spanish army in 1917 as a private soldier, gaining a commission by 1923; he excelled through the ranks to become one of General Franco’s commanders during the Spanish civil war. He entered Spain by the side of his commander, in a Junkers 52 flown by Pilots of the Luftwaffe Condor legion, supplied in Operation Fire Magic, the German military aid to the Spanish Nationalists, which came into force five days after the rebellion began on the 17th July 1936. Throughout the Spanish civil war, he fought at the front, gaining General status in late 1936 but he never left the front line or his soldiers, gaining a reputation of a fighting General. After the aid Germany gave during the civil war, Spain sent the blue brigade of Spanish volunteers to help fight the Red Army on the eastern front, with him being handpicked by General Franco himself to command a small force that acquitted itself with great honour.

On the 10th October 1943, General Franco ordered him and his men home but nearly three thousand stayed to fight on against the Red Army, joining elite regiments like the Brandenburgers, who also fought Tito’s partisans in Yugoslavia. After initially ignoring the Generalissimos orders and staying with his command, he was ordered at the insistence of his premier home early in 1944, leaving his men to die on the cold Russian Steppes.

Well aware of Germany’s immanent collapse, General Franco didn’t want his old comrade going down with the rest of the National Socialists and in reality, saved his life.

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Michael Williams Bio

Good Evening, well the weekend is finally upon us! Another bio this time of Lieutenant General Michael Williams, hope you enjoy.

Lieutenant General Michael Williams was born into a deeply religious Jewish family from Sacramento California in 1897. He had never truly believed in God or understood the Tanakh and had allowed his religious beliefs to waver into extinction until after the Allies had stumbled across the concentration camps and what the Germans had done to the Jewish race, and he found himself turning back to his god and asking forgiveness for his abstention.

Originally joining the American army in 1912 as a private soldier to escape his home life and have the opportunity to travel, Williams gained a field commission in the bloody trenches of Europe in 1918, reaching the rank of Captain when he resigned his commission in 1932.

Prior to World War Two, he worked as an accountant for a large oil company in Texas but on the 7th December 1941, the day of Japans infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, he was carried away with an overzealous sense of patriotic duty and like many hundreds of thousands of his fellow countrymen enlisted at the first opportunity where he regained the pre-war rank of Captain. Operation Torch and the American invasion of Morocco saw him land in North Africa to fight all the way through Sicily and Italy, where he excelled as a commander in the field, rising rapidly through the ranks. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1943 to assist in the training of troops for Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France, and was given his command and rise in rank to that of Major General.

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Hanna Reitsch Bio

Hey guys and girls, tonight I am releasing a small bio. Still hope you all enjoy and keep coming back!

An aviator extraordinaire, Hanna Reitsch was born on the 29th March 1912 in Hirschberg, Silesia and is the only German woman to win the Iron Cross First class. A fervent National Socialist with unswerving loyalty to Fuhrer and Fatherland, yet she never joined the Nazi party. Blessed with superlative flying skills, she set numerous aviation and endurance records, which made her a favourite of Adolf Hitler and a constant within his circle. She test piloted numerous Luftwaffe and captured Allied aeroplanes and due to her photogenic qualities became a star of the National Socialist propaganda machine.

Thank you again, and have a great night!

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Adolf Hitler Bio

Good Evening Readers, tonight I am going to release the Bio for Adolf Hitler from my book The Wagnerian Assignment.

Again, I hope you enjoy the read.

Born on the 20th April 1889 in Braunau am Inn on the Austrian German border, Adolf Hitler left school at 16 and moved to Vienna then Linz, where his radical racial and political views intensified by what he believed he had witnessed in his short life. Living in hostels and on the streets, the rich and powerful, all of whom he believed were of Jewish origin, were not prepared to help the vulnerable and weak as he was at the time and passed uncaring of his misfortune. At the onset of World War One, to avoid being conscripted into the Austrian army, he crossed into Germany to enlist in the 1st company of the List regiment of the Bavarian reserve infantry, which he felt more akin to. Decorated for bravery in the field, he was awarded the Iron Cross first class and served throughout the four years of war, in and around the trenches of the western front, mainly acting as a despatch rider conveying orders given by others. After being injured and temporarily blinded in 1918, he was hospitalised prior to the armistice being signed and was furious in the belief the military had been stabbed in the back by the politicians and bankers, once again mistakenly believing it to be a Jewish conspiracy.

After the war, Germany was in turmoil and he was sent by the army to spy on the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, which translates into English as the National Socialist German Workers Party. He was so taken by their politics, he began to speak at their meetings, joined in 1919, and by 1921 was their leader. In 1923, the National Socialists attempted a putsch to overthrow the Bavarian government, which was unsuccessful and resulted in the deaths of several party members who were killed by the army, whom Hitler had mistakenly thought would stand aside but instead chose to obey the orders of the Bavarian government and oppose the putsch. After running from the scene, he was captured and put on trial, which proved to be his first propaganda victory in the cause of National Socialism and he was sentenced to five years imprisonment in Landsburg, where with the help of his deputy Rudolf Hess, he wrote the book Mein Kampf, my struggle, which became a best seller and showed the world his intentions on war and his hatred of the Jewish people, which in 1939 took him and the German people on the road to war and mass genocide. The royalties from Mein Kampf made him a millionaire in his own right and he bought with the proceeds a chalet named Haus Wachenfeld, situated just outside Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, which was later renamed the Berghof, along with a large residence in Munich, which was used as the National Socialists headquarters and became known as the Brown house.

Thank you again, and have a great night!

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