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Press Release – Straightfaced Publications Brings Out ‘The Wagnerian Assignment’, a thrilling Historical Fiction


Straightfaced Publications Brings Out ‘The Wagnerian Assignment’, a thrilling Historical Fiction


A small family owned business, Straightfaced Publications has brought out a thrilling Historical Fiction, ‘The Wagnerian Assignment’.

Wallsend, Tyne and Wear (March 15, 2017) – The Wagnerian Assignment is a historical fiction that comes in both Paperback and Kindle versions. The book is a fictional account of two war heroes who team up with adversaries to allow Hitler to escape, for various reasons. The book is a life-like account of the escape of the Führer from Berlin.

The book stays true to history even while making a fictional account of Adolf Hitler flying from Berlin. It brings some thrilling questions to the fore, whether SS Standartenführer Otto Skorzeny succeeded or failed in his final mission and got assistance from his allies or whether Führer manage to get out or actually die in the Führerbunker.

Straightfaced Publications has recently been established, and it now helps all kinds of authors for publishing their books. The company is backed by experienced and talented author Alan Starforth, and it was originally set up mainly for self-publishing books by him. It has published an informative blog post on The Wagnerian Assignment that is available from Kindle Unlimited and comes in paperback version as well.

The time of World War 2 has been recreated in a lifelike manner, and all of its 283 pages show what the author is capable of. The book has been published by Straightfaced Publications. It makes for a thrilling read and the book would be liked by anyone who likes to read fiction in a historical context. People who would like to make business enquiries about the book can contact through the email id

About Straightfaced Publications

Straightfaced Publications is an independent book publishing firm that is a small family based business, and is based in the North East of England outside Newcastle. It is experienced in publishing Novelettes, Paperback Novels and eBooks.

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