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The Wagnerian Assignment – Georgi Lischinsky Bio

Good Evening readers, little bit of a late one, been working away and looking forward to whats to come! See below for our next Bio.

Bombastic and arrogant, General-Polkovnik Georgi Lischinsky is the cliché of the western world’s interpretation of a Red Army Staff officer. He shows little concern for the men he commands, who have in their thousands been mown down and killed in order that ground may be taken and the enemy beaten. Hated by his men, who see him as a monster and butcher, his rapid rise through the rankings is due to the courage and spilling of the blood of the men of the Red Army who had no choice but to follow his every order as it is better to take their chance against the Germans than the execution squads of the NKVD, who follow their advance and would kill them without trial or concern for desertion and cowardice in the face of the enemy in order to set an example to any other would be deserters.

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