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The Wagnerian Assignment – Fernando De Sancha Bio

Good Evening, sorry of the lack of Bio releases. We have been focussing on the Competition currently live on Facebook.

However I have another release for you now which I do hope you enjoy.

A rotund, heavily moustached, dishevelled jovial man, Capitan General Fernando De Sancha is a veteran of many battlefields, spanning the Spanish civil war to the cold Steppes of Russia. Born in Cueta, on the coast of the straits of Gibraltar in the Spanish protectorate of Morocco in 1900, his family history stretches back to the days of the Conquistadors and had always been a one of the ruling classes. His late father, also a General, had been commander of a prison camp in Morocco that detained Arab insurgents who were against the Spanish occupation of their homeland. He joined the Spanish army in 1917 as a private soldier, gaining a commission by 1923; he excelled through the ranks to become one of General Franco’s commanders during the Spanish civil war. He entered Spain by the side of his commander, in a Junkers 52 flown by Pilots of the Luftwaffe Condor legion, supplied in Operation Fire Magic, the German military aid to the Spanish Nationalists, which came into force five days after the rebellion began on the 17th July 1936. Throughout the Spanish civil war, he fought at the front, gaining General status in late 1936 but he never left the front line or his soldiers, gaining a reputation of a fighting General. After the aid Germany gave during the civil war, Spain sent the blue brigade of Spanish volunteers to help fight the Red Army on the eastern front, with him being handpicked by General Franco himself to command a small force that acquitted itself with great honour.

On the 10th October 1943, General Franco ordered him and his men home but nearly three thousand stayed to fight on against the Red Army, joining elite regiments like the Brandenburgers, who also fought Tito’s partisans in Yugoslavia. After initially ignoring the Generalissimos orders and staying with his command, he was ordered at the insistence of his premier home early in 1944, leaving his men to die on the cold Russian Steppes.

Well aware of Germany’s immanent collapse, General Franco didn’t want his old comrade going down with the rest of the National Socialists and in reality, saved his life.

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