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The Wagnerian Assignment – Michael Williams Bio

Good Evening, well the weekend is finally upon us! Another bio this time of Lieutenant General Michael Williams, hope you enjoy.

Lieutenant General Michael Williams was born into a deeply religious Jewish family from Sacramento California in 1897. He had never truly believed in God or understood the Tanakh and had allowed his religious beliefs to waver into extinction until after the Allies had stumbled across the concentration camps and what the Germans had done to the Jewish race, and he found himself turning back to his god and asking forgiveness for his abstention.

Originally joining the American army in 1912 as a private soldier to escape his home life and have the opportunity to travel, Williams gained a field commission in the bloody trenches of Europe in 1918, reaching the rank of Captain when he resigned his commission in 1932.

Prior to World War Two, he worked as an accountant for a large oil company in Texas but on the 7th December 1941, the day of Japans infamous attack on Pearl Harbor, he was carried away with an overzealous sense of patriotic duty and like many hundreds of thousands of his fellow countrymen enlisted at the first opportunity where he regained the pre-war rank of Captain. Operation Torch and the American invasion of Morocco saw him land in North Africa to fight all the way through Sicily and Italy, where he excelled as a commander in the field, rising rapidly through the ranks. He returned to the United Kingdom in 1943 to assist in the training of troops for Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France, and was given his command and rise in rank to that of Major General.

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