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The Wagnerian Assignment – Adolf Hitler Bio

Good Evening Readers, tonight I am going to release the Bio for Adolf Hitler from my book The Wagnerian Assignment.

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Born on the 20th April 1889 in Braunau am Inn on the Austrian German border, Adolf Hitler left school at 16 and moved to Vienna then Linz, where his radical racial and political views intensified by what he believed he had witnessed in his short life. Living in hostels and on the streets, the rich and powerful, all of whom he believed were of Jewish origin, were not prepared to help the vulnerable and weak as he was at the time and passed uncaring of his misfortune. At the onset of World War One, to avoid being conscripted into the Austrian army, he crossed into Germany to enlist in the 1st company of the List regiment of the Bavarian reserve infantry, which he felt more akin to. Decorated for bravery in the field, he was awarded the Iron Cross first class and served throughout the four years of war, in and around the trenches of the western front, mainly acting as a despatch rider conveying orders given by others. After being injured and temporarily blinded in 1918, he was hospitalised prior to the armistice being signed and was furious in the belief the military had been stabbed in the back by the politicians and bankers, once again mistakenly believing it to be a Jewish conspiracy.

After the war, Germany was in turmoil and he was sent by the army to spy on the NSDAP, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, which translates into English as the National Socialist German Workers Party. He was so taken by their politics, he began to speak at their meetings, joined in 1919, and by 1921 was their leader. In 1923, the National Socialists attempted a putsch to overthrow the Bavarian government, which was unsuccessful and resulted in the deaths of several party members who were killed by the army, whom Hitler had mistakenly thought would stand aside but instead chose to obey the orders of the Bavarian government and oppose the putsch. After running from the scene, he was captured and put on trial, which proved to be his first propaganda victory in the cause of National Socialism and he was sentenced to five years imprisonment in Landsburg, where with the help of his deputy Rudolf Hess, he wrote the book Mein Kampf, my struggle, which became a best seller and showed the world his intentions on war and his hatred of the Jewish people, which in 1939 took him and the German people on the road to war and mass genocide. The royalties from Mein Kampf made him a millionaire in his own right and he bought with the proceeds a chalet named Haus Wachenfeld, situated just outside Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, which was later renamed the Berghof, along with a large residence in Munich, which was used as the National Socialists headquarters and became known as the Brown house.

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