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The Wagnerian Assignment – Alexei Vasteroff Bio

Hey all, sorry for missing last night out, check out below for our Bio of the night. Hope you enjoy.

A robust, dark, devious man, Kapitan Alexei Vasteroff, was born in 1894 in the Tsarist state of Georgia, like his beloved ruler, Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, lovingly known to some of the Russian people as the man of steel, Joseph Stalin. He joined the Tsarist secret Police before the October revolution of 1917 but soon changed sides to fight against the White Tsarist Russians in the civil war. He became a member of the peoples Militsiya in 1925, and in 1934, he was transferred to the NKVD, then in June 1944 he was assigned to the 3rd Ukrainian front as an intelligence officer.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio.

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