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The Wagnerian Assignment – Robert Leslie Waverley and Rutger Shint Bio’s

Good Evening all, I hope you all have had an amazing weekend, a little sad to see it coming to an end again, but then again its one weekend closer to releasing The Wagnerian Assignment.

However I have something here that will make the end of the weekend all that better. Two Chacter Bio’s as promised.

Robert Leslie Waverley

Lieutenant General Robert Leslie Waverley was born at Fort Stockton Texas in 1890. The son of a Master Sergeant and a sixth generation Scottish immigrant’s daughter, who had escaped the land of his birth after the battle of Culloden in 1746, he had a sometimes harsh but generally comfortable upbringing in the outdoors of the American Wild West.

A career officer, he joined West Point military academy in 1912 and graduated in 1916, finishing in the top half of his class onto the horse. Climbing the promotion ladder, he rode into Mexico in 1916 under the command of General Black Jack Pershing, along with four thousand eight hundred men of the punitive expedition force to capture the Mexican guerrilla commander, Pancho Villa.

During World War One and the killing fields of France and Belgium, he had shown extreme valour on numerous occasions and rose to the lofty rank of Lieutenant Colonel before being demoted to his pre-war rank of Captain after the armistice. Staying in the army, he served in Hawaii and the Philippines but mostly around the hot dusty forts of the American South, where his many experiences were put to training new recruits. Transferred into army intelligence in 1929, and after the entry of America into World War Two, he later played a small part in the setting up of OSS in 1942, rising to the rank of Major General.

Due to his role as an intelligence chief, he travelled with President Roosevelt to Casablanca and Yalta, where his pre-war admiration for the Russians waned with the reality of their intentions for world domination. His warnings ignored, he caused quite a stir with his remarks but still reached the rank of Lieutenant General prior to D Day and the invasion of Normandy on June 6th 1944.

Rutger Shint

To look at him there was nothing to show the horrors he’d witnessed throughout his time on the Eastern and Western fronts, but his mother would still recognise the innocent cherubic face that she knew prior to war but she would never be able to understand the desolation it had done to his soul. Born in Upper Silesia in 1916, SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rutger Shint joined the Sturmabteilung at the age of 16, in 1932, and fought many battles against the Reds on the streets of Germany. After showing great enthusiasm for the National Socialist cause, he was transferred into the SS, where in 1936 he joined the first SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler as a private soldier. Due to heavy losses, he was commissioned in 1941 and climbed rapidly up the chain of command to his present rank. Late in 1944, a British Hawker Typhoon fighter bomber, attacked his convoy during the retreat through Falaise, taking him out of the war for several months to recuperate and leaving him with a permanent aching limp in his right leg that no matter how painful or incapacitating had never prevented him from carrying out his duty.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio. Or we may just change it up, lets see.

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