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The Wagnerian Assignment – William Angus Robertson Bio

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend so far.

I have the Character Bio of another main character from the book, I hope you enjoy.

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, a confident, ruggedly handsome privately educated man, Major William Angus Robertson, having believed the recruiting posters that promised travel and excitement for all, enlisted in the Coldstream Guards in 1933 at the age of eighteen as a private soldier, all against his Physicist well to do Fathers wishes. Affluent in several languages, including German, he was soon picked up by SIS, the Secret Intelligence Service, in order to assume the role of a German staff officer in the OKH, the Oberkommando des Heeres, the high command of the German army, to gain intelligence against the long foreseen enemy of the future. Considering all he had achieved in the field of intelligence, he bears no medals on his uniform, which slightly irks him at the sight of others who had them awarded in abundance for a lot less.

Thriving in the role military intelligence had given him in 1936; he infiltrated the OKH and sent information back to London through contacts at the British Embassy in Berlin. Proving proficient in the role he had undertaken for the Germans, he quickly rose through the ranks, putting him closer to more delicate intelligence that his MI6 pay masters hungered for. In 1937, he was attached to Adolf Hitler’s personal staff and promoted Colonel, becoming a close friend to the Fuhrer as they met about intelligence matters on a weekly basis. Betrayed to the Gestapo in early 1944, he was arrested and sent to Prinz Albrecht Strasse in Berlin, where he was tortured before being sent to Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar in Germany, to await execution. Professing his innocence to his SS torturers and jailers, who were unable to confirm the intelligence against him, ultimately kept him alive as they dared not execute a close friend of Hitler’s without concrete evidence against him and without the Fuhrers orders, which he was reluctant to give.

Enduring terrible hardship, he awaited his execution which he believed was inevitable, unaware of the protection he was under. When his execution didn’t come, he concocted an audacious escape plan, where dressed as an SS officer and using his knowledge of military procedures, he walked out of the gates without being asked to show any form of identification. Over several weeks living off the land and his wits, he made his way through enemy lines into Normandy and was captured by the advancing American Third Army and placed in an internment camp until he was able to prove his identity and was repatriated back to Scotland to convalesce at his elderly grandmothers house in Ballater, which brought him back to full fitness.

On return to SIS headquarters in Broadway, London, he was assigned to SHAEF to work counter intelligence, using the knowledge he had acquired of the OKH command structure and operating procedures. To his relief he was taken off the active register and put behind a desk as acting intelligence liaison between the British and her Allies but of late the role had become increasingly odious to him.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio. As a Sunday treat I may just release two character bio’s.

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