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The Wagnerian Assignment Second Snippet

Hello again, thought I would come back and post another snippet from the book.

However this time it is going to be larger! After this I will be releasing Character Bio’s each night so that you can get to know them.

Less chat more book, so I hope you enjoy this snippet.

Tensely sitting upright in easy chairs, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun sit within the Fuhrer’s sparsely furnished private quarters within the Fuhrer bunker. Their eyes are fixed on an SS Sturmbannfuhrer, who holds the Fuhrer’s German shepherd dog, Blondi, in a tight grip. She is in mid-convulsions with foam coming out of her mouth. On a table by Hitler’s side lie a small calibre gun a sealed envelope and an opened poison capsule. The poison had been supplied by the traitor Himmler, who Hitler believed may try and render him unconscious in order to use him as a bargaining chip with the Allies. There’s a light tap on the door then the SS Captain enters, followed by von Stiffel. The scene inside the room make them stop in the doorway as Blondi takes her last agonising breath, followed by a final convulsion before her body becomes completely still.

Solemn and dejected, Hitler looks around the room until his stare fixes on von Stiffel, who he recognises as a friendly face, “I had to see if the poison worked, General,” he said disconsolate.

The SS Major and SS Captain lift Blondi’s lifeless body and head for the door. As they pass Hitler, he gives the dog a last loving pat explaining to von Stiffel. “I didn’t want her to fall to the Russians.”

Von Stiffel’s glance shifts rapidly between the SS Captain, who nods confidently, Hitler and the gun on the table. “You wanted to see me, my Fuhrer?”

“Yes General, please come in.”

Von Stiffel enters giving the Nazi salute before remaining rigidly to attention. Hitler stands unsteadily, his emancipated hand shaking vigorously as he outstretches it for von Stiffel to shake.

“My thousand year Reich lies in ruins, General, destroyed by treachery and international Jewry,” Hitler said, adding with sadness. “Our beloved capital is at this moment being overrun by sub humans.” He looks solemnly at Eva Braun, who stares back without a trace of expression on her face. “I’m afraid the end has come, my love.” He walks to the table and stares at the gun and envelope. “I have been betrayed by those who were once loyal.”

Believing he is under suspicion of treachery and is about to be arrested, terrified, von Stiffel looks around the room for the men there to arrest him, but none can be seen.

“I have completed my personal will and testament which Fraulein Jungl has typed for me and which I intend to leave in your capable hands,” Hitler says as he taps on the envelope then walks off a short distance, coming round on Eva Braun to take a comforting hold of her shoulders.

Nervously apprehensive on how to put what he wants to say into words without the stigma of defeatism, von Stiffel, picks up the envelope to place in his jacket pocket before speaking, making Hitler turn to look. “I have a plane waiting to fly you to the Berghof, my Fuhrer.”

“There is nowhere for me to go now, General.”

“From there you will be able to carry on the defence of Germania, my Fuhrer,” von Stiffel carries on with a bluster and nervous stammer as he plays to his Fuhrer’s vanity.

Hitler’s eyes give away a slight glint of personal elation that there may be a way out of his self-inflicted hell as he murmurs quietly to himself and his stare fixes on Eva Braun.

“I would dearly love to see the views from the Berghof terrace again, Adolf,” Eva Braun says with enthusiasm she hadn’t felt in a long time. The thought of leaving the dingy dirty stale aired bunker that she had voluntarily entered against Hitler’s wishes and get out into the beautiful Bavarian countryside again proves too much for her as she looks to Hitler to free her from her self-inflicted hell. “It will do your health the world of good,” she adds, increasing Hitler’s excitement.

Hitler digested what he had been told over a few tense seconds as his stare turns vacantly into the distance. “Where is your plane, General?” he said as he turns back to the smiling faces waiting on his every word.

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