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The Wagnerian Assignment – Alexei Vasteroff Bio

Hey all, sorry for missing last night out, check out below for our Bio of the night. Hope you enjoy.

A robust, dark, devious man, Kapitan Alexei Vasteroff, was born in 1894 in the Tsarist state of Georgia, like his beloved ruler, Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, lovingly known to some of the Russian people as the man of steel, Joseph Stalin. He joined the Tsarist secret Police before the October revolution of 1917 but soon changed sides to fight against the White Tsarist Russians in the civil war. He became a member of the peoples Militsiya in 1925, and in 1934, he was transferred to the NKVD, then in June 1944 he was assigned to the 3rd Ukrainian front as an intelligence officer.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio.

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Robert Leslie Waverley and Rutger Shint Bio’s

Good Evening all, I hope you all have had an amazing weekend, a little sad to see it coming to an end again, but then again its one weekend closer to releasing The Wagnerian Assignment.

However I have something here that will make the end of the weekend all that better. Two Chacter Bio’s as promised.

Robert Leslie Waverley

Lieutenant General Robert Leslie Waverley was born at Fort Stockton Texas in 1890. The son of a Master Sergeant and a sixth generation Scottish immigrant’s daughter, who had escaped the land of his birth after the battle of Culloden in 1746, he had a sometimes harsh but generally comfortable upbringing in the outdoors of the American Wild West.

A career officer, he joined West Point military academy in 1912 and graduated in 1916, finishing in the top half of his class onto the horse. Climbing the promotion ladder, he rode into Mexico in 1916 under the command of General Black Jack Pershing, along with four thousand eight hundred men of the punitive expedition force to capture the Mexican guerrilla commander, Pancho Villa.

During World War One and the killing fields of France and Belgium, he had shown extreme valour on numerous occasions and rose to the lofty rank of Lieutenant Colonel before being demoted to his pre-war rank of Captain after the armistice. Staying in the army, he served in Hawaii and the Philippines but mostly around the hot dusty forts of the American South, where his many experiences were put to training new recruits. Transferred into army intelligence in 1929, and after the entry of America into World War Two, he later played a small part in the setting up of OSS in 1942, rising to the rank of Major General.

Due to his role as an intelligence chief, he travelled with President Roosevelt to Casablanca and Yalta, where his pre-war admiration for the Russians waned with the reality of their intentions for world domination. His warnings ignored, he caused quite a stir with his remarks but still reached the rank of Lieutenant General prior to D Day and the invasion of Normandy on June 6th 1944.

Rutger Shint

To look at him there was nothing to show the horrors he’d witnessed throughout his time on the Eastern and Western fronts, but his mother would still recognise the innocent cherubic face that she knew prior to war but she would never be able to understand the desolation it had done to his soul. Born in Upper Silesia in 1916, SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rutger Shint joined the Sturmabteilung at the age of 16, in 1932, and fought many battles against the Reds on the streets of Germany. After showing great enthusiasm for the National Socialist cause, he was transferred into the SS, where in 1936 he joined the first SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler as a private soldier. Due to heavy losses, he was commissioned in 1941 and climbed rapidly up the chain of command to his present rank. Late in 1944, a British Hawker Typhoon fighter bomber, attacked his convoy during the retreat through Falaise, taking him out of the war for several months to recuperate and leaving him with a permanent aching limp in his right leg that no matter how painful or incapacitating had never prevented him from carrying out his duty.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio. Or we may just change it up, lets see.

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The Wagnerian Assignment – William Angus Robertson Bio

Hey everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend so far.

I have the Character Bio of another main character from the book, I hope you enjoy.

Born in the Highlands of Scotland, a confident, ruggedly handsome privately educated man, Major William Angus Robertson, having believed the recruiting posters that promised travel and excitement for all, enlisted in the Coldstream Guards in 1933 at the age of eighteen as a private soldier, all against his Physicist well to do Fathers wishes. Affluent in several languages, including German, he was soon picked up by SIS, the Secret Intelligence Service, in order to assume the role of a German staff officer in the OKH, the Oberkommando des Heeres, the high command of the German army, to gain intelligence against the long foreseen enemy of the future. Considering all he had achieved in the field of intelligence, he bears no medals on his uniform, which slightly irks him at the sight of others who had them awarded in abundance for a lot less.

Thriving in the role military intelligence had given him in 1936; he infiltrated the OKH and sent information back to London through contacts at the British Embassy in Berlin. Proving proficient in the role he had undertaken for the Germans, he quickly rose through the ranks, putting him closer to more delicate intelligence that his MI6 pay masters hungered for. In 1937, he was attached to Adolf Hitler’s personal staff and promoted Colonel, becoming a close friend to the Fuhrer as they met about intelligence matters on a weekly basis. Betrayed to the Gestapo in early 1944, he was arrested and sent to Prinz Albrecht Strasse in Berlin, where he was tortured before being sent to Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar in Germany, to await execution. Professing his innocence to his SS torturers and jailers, who were unable to confirm the intelligence against him, ultimately kept him alive as they dared not execute a close friend of Hitler’s without concrete evidence against him and without the Fuhrers orders, which he was reluctant to give.

Enduring terrible hardship, he awaited his execution which he believed was inevitable, unaware of the protection he was under. When his execution didn’t come, he concocted an audacious escape plan, where dressed as an SS officer and using his knowledge of military procedures, he walked out of the gates without being asked to show any form of identification. Over several weeks living off the land and his wits, he made his way through enemy lines into Normandy and was captured by the advancing American Third Army and placed in an internment camp until he was able to prove his identity and was repatriated back to Scotland to convalesce at his elderly grandmothers house in Ballater, which brought him back to full fitness.

On return to SIS headquarters in Broadway, London, he was assigned to SHAEF to work counter intelligence, using the knowledge he had acquired of the OKH command structure and operating procedures. To his relief he was taken off the active register and put behind a desk as acting intelligence liaison between the British and her Allies but of late the role had become increasingly odious to him.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio. As a Sunday treat I may just release two character bio’s.

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The Wagnerian Assignment – Otto Skorzeny Bio

Good Afternoon, I have decided to firstly go with one of the main Characters from the book, Otto Skozeny.

I hope you enjoy.

Born on the 12th June 1908 in Vienna Austria, SS Standartenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny stands six foot four inches in height with broad shoulders and a handsome Germanic demeanour. A large duelling schmiss, received during his Burschenschaft University days in Vienna runs across the left side of his face, from his chin, tipping the left corner of his mouth, across his cheek, almost reaching his ear lobe, only missing it by a mere ten millimetres. His uniform bears a single oak leaf on both collars indicating the rank of Colonel, along with the Iron Cross first and second class and the Knights Cross of the iron cross on his chest. His swift rise to notoriety and the attention of the Allies had come when on the 26th July 1943 Adolf Hitler had given him the task of rescuing his friend and the Italian dictator, Il Duce, the Leader, Benito Mussolini. Codenamed, Unternehmen Eiche, Operation Oak, Mussolini had been overthrown and imprisoned on the orders of the Italian King, Victor Emmanuel III, who had seen the wind of change and had approached the Allies to save himself. This mission was carried out with great finesse on the 12th September 1943 by Skorzeny, the men of Jagdverbande 502, and General Karl Student’s Fallschirmjager, who assaulted the Gran Sasso in Italy, rescuing the Italian dictator with minimal casualties, catapulting the once unknown soldier into worldwide infamy with the help of Josef Goebels’ propaganda machine, which at that time in the war needed a hero desperately. His military career was then catapulted to greater heights when, Unternehmen Panzerfaust, Operation Armoured Fist, was devised and he successfully kidnapped the wayward son of the Hungarian President, Admiral Miklos Horthy, on the 15th October 1944, after he was found to be negotiating the surrender of all Hungarian forces in the east to the Russians. The surrender of the Hungarians would have caused a catastrophic collapse on several of the Russian fronts and would have left the German army vulnerable to encirclement and annihilation. Due to his actions, Hungary carried on fighting to the end of the war, saving the lives of tens of thousands of German soldiers and Airmen. The Russian Premier, Joseph Stalin personally had a bounty placed on his head for his death. In late 1944, Unternehmen Griffin, Operation Grief, was devised as the ultimate task to disrupt the American lines of communications and their ability to fight during the Ardennes offensive.  Known to the Germans as, Unternehmen wacht am Rhein, Operation watch on the Rhine, and to the Allies as, the Ardennes counter offensive, or the battle of the bulge, his English speaking men were hastily trained to infiltrate American lines and cause as much disruption as possible, allowing the German army to push the Americans back, causing panic between the 16th December and 25th January 1945, but after a small set back it was thwarted by overwhelming American forces. Known as Germanys last gamble in the west, their plan although nonsensical, was to separate the British and American armies in order to recapture the Dutch port of Antwerp and disrupt the Allies military expansion into the western European theatre.

Discerning German Generals knew this wouldn’t win the war but had hoped it would bring the Allies to the negotiating table where they could negotiate the cessation of action in the west in order to defeat the Red Army in the east. Skorzeny’s men caused minimal disruption and most were executed after their capture in American uniforms, which is in contravention of the 1907 Hague convention. The biggest disruption caused to the Allies was when word was put about that Skorzeny’s mission was to assassinate high ranking Allied officers, including General Eisenhower, which kept them under maximum security and thus away from their command. The use of German soldiers in American uniforms and the accusation of assassinating the Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, would come back to haunt him when the Allies added him to their most wanted list of war criminals.

Check back tomorrow for another Character Bio.

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The Wagnerian Assignment Second Snippet

Hello again, thought I would come back and post another snippet from the book.

However this time it is going to be larger! After this I will be releasing Character Bio’s each night so that you can get to know them.

Less chat more book, so I hope you enjoy this snippet.

Tensely sitting upright in easy chairs, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun sit within the Fuhrer’s sparsely furnished private quarters within the Fuhrer bunker. Their eyes are fixed on an SS Sturmbannfuhrer, who holds the Fuhrer’s German shepherd dog, Blondi, in a tight grip. She is in mid-convulsions with foam coming out of her mouth. On a table by Hitler’s side lie a small calibre gun a sealed envelope and an opened poison capsule. The poison had been supplied by the traitor Himmler, who Hitler believed may try and render him unconscious in order to use him as a bargaining chip with the Allies. There’s a light tap on the door then the SS Captain enters, followed by von Stiffel. The scene inside the room make them stop in the doorway as Blondi takes her last agonising breath, followed by a final convulsion before her body becomes completely still.

Solemn and dejected, Hitler looks around the room until his stare fixes on von Stiffel, who he recognises as a friendly face, “I had to see if the poison worked, General,” he said disconsolate.

The SS Major and SS Captain lift Blondi’s lifeless body and head for the door. As they pass Hitler, he gives the dog a last loving pat explaining to von Stiffel. “I didn’t want her to fall to the Russians.”

Von Stiffel’s glance shifts rapidly between the SS Captain, who nods confidently, Hitler and the gun on the table. “You wanted to see me, my Fuhrer?”

“Yes General, please come in.”

Von Stiffel enters giving the Nazi salute before remaining rigidly to attention. Hitler stands unsteadily, his emancipated hand shaking vigorously as he outstretches it for von Stiffel to shake.

“My thousand year Reich lies in ruins, General, destroyed by treachery and international Jewry,” Hitler said, adding with sadness. “Our beloved capital is at this moment being overrun by sub humans.” He looks solemnly at Eva Braun, who stares back without a trace of expression on her face. “I’m afraid the end has come, my love.” He walks to the table and stares at the gun and envelope. “I have been betrayed by those who were once loyal.”

Believing he is under suspicion of treachery and is about to be arrested, terrified, von Stiffel looks around the room for the men there to arrest him, but none can be seen.

“I have completed my personal will and testament which Fraulein Jungl has typed for me and which I intend to leave in your capable hands,” Hitler says as he taps on the envelope then walks off a short distance, coming round on Eva Braun to take a comforting hold of her shoulders.

Nervously apprehensive on how to put what he wants to say into words without the stigma of defeatism, von Stiffel, picks up the envelope to place in his jacket pocket before speaking, making Hitler turn to look. “I have a plane waiting to fly you to the Berghof, my Fuhrer.”

“There is nowhere for me to go now, General.”

“From there you will be able to carry on the defence of Germania, my Fuhrer,” von Stiffel carries on with a bluster and nervous stammer as he plays to his Fuhrer’s vanity.

Hitler’s eyes give away a slight glint of personal elation that there may be a way out of his self-inflicted hell as he murmurs quietly to himself and his stare fixes on Eva Braun.

“I would dearly love to see the views from the Berghof terrace again, Adolf,” Eva Braun says with enthusiasm she hadn’t felt in a long time. The thought of leaving the dingy dirty stale aired bunker that she had voluntarily entered against Hitler’s wishes and get out into the beautiful Bavarian countryside again proves too much for her as she looks to Hitler to free her from her self-inflicted hell. “It will do your health the world of good,” she adds, increasing Hitler’s excitement.

Hitler digested what he had been told over a few tense seconds as his stare turns vacantly into the distance. “Where is your plane, General?” he said as he turns back to the smiling faces waiting on his every word.

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Introduction and Snippet of The Wagnerian Assignment

As promised, I have written a small introduction to The Wagnerian Assignment.

In March 1945, SS Standartenfuhrer Otto Skorzeny was given his last order. Set up a National Redoubt around the Obersalzburg region of Berchtesgaden and the Berghof to protect his Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, from the outside world that will want to put him on trial for crimes against humanity.

I hope you enjoy this small snippet from the book.

The passing of each tortured second ticks slowly toward the inevitable destruction of the self-proclaimed German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Third Reich. Twelve years into what the Nazis had proclaimed would last a thousand, and a mere twenty six since the founding of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, the Red Armies of Marshal Georgy Zhukov’s 1st Belarusian front and Marshal Ivan Konev’s 1st Ukrainian front, bear down on Berlin in the fight for the tributes of being the first to conquer the once imposing German capital.

Now these are just a small peak inside The Wagnerian Assignment and again at a later date I will be releasing larger more in depth looks into the book as well as Character BIO’s so you can understand the back story around the characters.

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Straightfaced Publications Facebook Page

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The Wagnerian Assignment

Nearing completion. Hope to have a release date out soon. Already having a second glance of Ultimate Death of a Nation.

Check back later on today where I will be releasing a section of the book for your pleasure.

We will also be running competitions in the run up to the book release, as well we have some special requests for a small portion of our readers! Which you will find out in due time.

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Working on the site

Good Morning all,

Well as you can see, all of us at Straightfaced Publications are working on getting this Blog up and off the ground. As well as working on the main website and also implementing a eCommerce Store into the Blog.

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