Straightfaced publications is a newly established independent book publishing company. We are a family ran company created to help all types of Authors whether known or unknown to achieve publication.

We created Straightfaced Publications being well aware of how hard it can be to become a published author, and thought our knowledge at self-publishing can be used to help many budding authors that are finding it hard breaking through this road block.

We are a small family company based just outside of Newcastle in the North East of England, with experience in the publication of both eBook and Paperback Novels and Novelettes. We have a talented and experienced author at the core of the business, the main reason for the publishing company was to self-publish books by Alan Starforth, due to the whole outlook today of “You have to be known to be published”, which now with our help is not the case!

We will be looking to expand our horizons with the services we offer now to what we look to achieve in the future, we hope to help many authors get there writing published and get into the world of being an author.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in the future.